Department of Radioelectronic and Biomedical Means and Technologies (No. 502)

The Department of Radio electronic and Biomedical Computerized Means and Technologies trains qualified specialists

  • educational degree “bachelor” in the following specialties:

122 “Computer Science” (Educational Program “Computer Technology in Biology and Medicine”);

163 “Biomedical Engineering” (Educational program “Biomedical Engineering”);

172 “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” (educational program “Radio electronic computerized tools”).

  • educational degree “Master” in the following specialties:

163 “Biomedical Engineering” (Educational program “Biomedical Informatics and Radio Electronics”);

172 “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” (Educational program “Radio-electronic computerized means”).

Educational programs meet international standards, demands of employers and trends in modern computer, biomedical, telecommunications and radio technologies.

The educational process is based on modern material support, which is located in five classrooms and eight laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with medical equipment from leading manufacturers, computer classrooms with multimedia equipment and working samples of unmanned aerial vehicles with a radio-electronic component. The teaching of professional disciplines is provided by a team of professionals, which combines pedagogical and scientific experience of three doctors of sciences, three professors and eight associate professors with the initiative and creativity of young colleagues. This allows you to find individual levers of influence on the activity and initiative of each graduate in education and research. The creative connection of the staff of the department with IT companies, industrial enterprises, medical and pharmaceutical institutions of Ukraine and the European Union allows to adapt graduates to the practical tasks of today at the stage of training and ensure their decent employment.

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