Admission to the 5th year!

The Department of Production of Radio-Electronic Systems announces recruitment for the 5th year in the following specialties:

  • 7 / 8.05090201 “Radio-electronic devices and means” (specialist, master)
  • 8.05090204 “Biotechnical and medical devices and systems” (master)
  • 7 / 8.08010105 “Geographic information systems and technologies” (specialist, master)
  • 8.08010107 “Space monitoring of the Earth” (master)

Since 2015, persons with a diploma of basic (bachelor’s) or full (specialist, master’s) higher education of other specialties and areas of training can enter the specialties of the department. At the same time, they pass an additional exam, a positive mark on which gives them the right to enter the 5th year on a general basis.

The schedule of admission exams will be announced later.

Exam programs: 

Additional exam programs: 

Inquiries by phone (057) 788-43-53, (050) 90-77-008, (096) 076-8-176, (063) 78-98-616, room. RUB 223

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